Xenosaga Outer File

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Xenosaga Outer File
Outer File 01.jpg
Cover of Drama CD 01.
Publisher MOVIC Co., Ltd.
Platform Drama CD
Release date Japan 2002-11-22 (CD 01)
Japan 2002-12-21 (CD 02)
Japan 2003-01-24 (CD 03)

Xenosaga Outer File (【ゼノサーガ】アウターファイル) is a series of drama CDs that details some events that take place during and after Xenosaga Episode I - Der Wille zur Macht. It was released in 3 CDs in between late 2002 and early 2003 exclusively in Japan.



CD 01[edit]

At an unknown point of time (either during or before the events of Xenosaga Episode I), Hermann is in the process of being knighted into the U-TIC Organization by Richard. Richard assures Hermann that, in spite of the both of them working beneath Inquisitor Pellegri, Hermann "belongs to" him. The two then head for Pleroma.

Concurrent to the events of Xenosaga Episode I, Shion and the main party from the game are relaxing at the Foundation's artificial beach. Shion asks Allen if he thinks that Jr. and Gaignun are father and son. Allen responds with two leading rumors he's heard about their relation to one another, that Jr. is either a clone of Gaignun or perhaps his illegitimate son. MOMO interjects, saying that the two's genome arrays are too different for them to be clones. She also posits that the pair are likely neither father & son nor siblings, as they are still too similar. Shion is intrigued by this, as DNA only requires a 0.1% difference to create an entirely new human being. Before the conversation gets any further, Jr. interrupts. He asks what Allen meant by calling him an illegitimate son, which Allen sheepishly dodges starting a conversation about. Allen, instead, move the conversation to be about the beach they are on and how real it feels. This prompts Jr. to show off its weather control features, starting with a thunderstorm. This sends Shion into an intense panic, as she hates thunder. The scene then flashes back to when the prototype KOS-MOS awoke and killed Kevin, a time in which there was also a thunderstorm. Shion, in the present day, apologizes for her outburst. chaos attempts to reassure Shion, telling her that (while changing the past is impossible) she should not try and forget the past at all. He encourages her to instead face the past head-on, using her pain as a tool to know herself better.

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