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Xeno-pittan logo.

Xeno-pittan (ことばのパズル ぜのぴったん, Word puzzle: Xeno-pittan) is a minigame in Xenosaga Freaks. It is a Xenosaga-themed spinoff of Namco's Mojipittan series.


The game is somewhat similar to Scrabble: The game features multiple levels. Each level gives you an individual board and some tiles, each containing one Hiragana character. The player has to create words with these tiles within a given time limit and fulfill one or more requirements, for example building 20 three-character words. Unlike Scrabble, it is allowed to create nonexisting words, as long as it creates at least one word in any direction.



Multiplayer (Alternating turns)[edit]

Multiplayer (Simultaneous)[edit]