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The Unearthed Xe-dom

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The Unearthed Xe-dom
Defeat the xe-dom.
Type XCX mission icon Support Mission.png Support Mission
Difficulty 4
Summary The gerrid leaves no soil unturned when digging for food, and a herd recently unearthed a xe-dom in Sylvalum. They often feign being inoperative, so don't be fooled.
Unlock condition (International) After completing Chapter 12
(Japan) After purchasing the Affinity Promotion Support Mission Pack DLC
Level 40 - 50
Skells Allowed
Time limit 20 minutes
Retries 3
Max party size 4
Destination Sylvalum
Time 0:00
Weather XCX weather icon Rising Energy Mist.png Rising Energy Mist

The Unearthed Xe-dom is a Support Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Type Description Target(s)
Defeat enemies Defeat:
Defeat enemies Defeat:
Defeat enemies Defeat:


Main rewards
Division Points 3,000
Affinity 300
Base prob. Item(s) Amount

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English The Unearthed Xe-dom
Japan flag.svg Japanese 発掘兵器 (はっくつへいき)ゼ=ラア Excavated Weapon Xe-dom