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Superboss (XC2)

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For other articles titled "Superboss", see Superboss (disambiguation).
Tyrannotitan Kurodil, a superboss and the strongest monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The superbosses of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are a group of eight optional enemies that are significantly more difficult to defeat, and thus form one of the base game's greatest challenge, along with Challenge Battle Mode. They all have the same thing in common:

  • They are unique monsters.
  • Their level is above the player's level cap, level 99.
  • They have unique arts that are shared by no other enemy.

Additionally, six of the eight superbosses only appear after reaching the game's final area.

List of superbosses[edit]

Superboss Species Level Location Notes
Gladiator Orion Urayan Driver wielding a Chroma Katana 100 Hallowed Godswood Shrine Does not meet the secondary criteria of "only after the game's final area" and is only a level above the player's level cap.
Reeking Douglas Rapchor 104 Brigands' Hideout It summons enemies that are also above the player's level cap.
Pernicious Benf Behemoth 109 Aegishammer
Cloud Sea King Ken Squood 110 Genbu Drifts Well known for dropping Moon Matter Chips, one of the best Core Chips.
Mk. VII Arek Sovereign 114 Lv. 4, Megrez It is always accompanied by a Grandum Sovereign and a Valta Sovereign and can summon more enemies.
Artifice Ophion Artifice 117 Gotrock Oracle Ruins It is immune to break and can use a powerful beam art, Falak Buster.
Chickenheart Dagmara Pippito 120 Catwalks at the center of the Old Factory It has high agility and can use arts that guarantee evasion, along with Master Art, which inflicts the full Driver Combo.
Tyrannotitan Kurodil Ballistaur 130 Profaned Place It must be freed from its icy prison before it can be fought and has an array of arts with various effects, such as guaranteeing evasion, inflicting Doom, Launch or dealing tremendous amount of damage.

Golden monsters[edit]

While Torna ~ The Golden Country does not have any enemy fulfilling the criterias to be superbosses, it has its own superboss equivalent, Golden Monsters. Golden monsters are unique monsters that only appear after purchasing a specific info item from the Nopon Halfsage's shop Golden Beast Info. The info item will tell the location of the golden monster in its description. Due to the Nopon Halfsage's location being the Tasteless Altar, the Ancient Seal of Aletta must first be dispelled to be able to take on the golden monsters.

List of golden monsters[edit]

Golden monster Species Level Location Notes
Sentinel Carpathia Urchon 65 Great Crater Appears after purchasing Carpathia's Location.
Herculean Gibson Ardun 75 Wrackham Moor Appears after purchasing Gibson's Location.
Mesmer Tlaloc Blant 85 Streamsand Corridor Appears after purchasing Tlaloc's Location.
Hurricane Anise Ansel 100 Pedestal of Stargazing Appears after purchasing Anise's Location. It is able to seal the Party Gauge by summoning allies.

Land of Challenge[edit]

Many of the main game's superbosses appear as stronger enemies in Challenge Battles, either as a challenge's sole enemy or as one of its wave of enemies.

List of superbosses in the Land of Challenge[edit]



Golden monsters[edit]