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Species Leftherian
Gender Male
Age 15 (XC2)[1]
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Hiro Shimono
English VA Al Weaver (XC2)
Fergus O'Donnell (FR)
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Torna ~ The Golden Country
Future Redeemed
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch

This article is about Rex in general. For gameplay information, see Rex/Gameplay (XC2) or Rex/Gameplay (FR).

Rex (レックス) is the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and a playable character in Future Redeemed. He is a salvager and the Driver of Pyra and later Mythra, the Aegis. His goal is to take them to Elysium to fulfill their dream and save Alrest from its fall.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Rex is a teenage boy with brown hair and yellow eyes. He wears a blue diving suit with brown and gold accents, mainly for use during his salvaging work. Not long through the game, an X-shaped segment of Pyra's Core Crystal appears on his chest. In Future Redeemed, Rex has a muscular build and his hair grew larger and now sports a small goatee. Rex wears a sleeveless vest with a collar similar to his younger year's salvaging suit, a skintight turtleneck, black pants with a tailcoat, and black boots. Rex lost his left eye in a battle and is now scarred.

Rex is enthusiastic, but inexperienced at anything outside his line of work, and rather naïve. He strives to protect and support his friends, often blaming himself whenever they are hurt or killed. However, he is careless from time to time, which puts him and his friends in danger.

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Story arc[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

The story opens with Rex salvaging out of the Cloud Sea of Alrest from aboard the small titan Azurda, whom he calls Gramps. Rex is worried about the titans dying out, which seems to be happening more often lately, and whether the fabled Elysium of the World Tree truly exists. The two go to the Argentum Trade Guild so Rex can sell what he salvaged. While there, he is unexpectedly summoned by Bana, Chairman of the guild. Elite salvagers from Leftheria have been requested by a picky crew, and a huge sum of money is involved. There is some dissent amongst the rest of the crew over accepting Rex - he butts heads with Nia and has to defend himself from Malos, but they board the C.S.E.V. Maelstrom and move out.

The target ship is located, Rex and the other salvagers raise it, and the search begins. Jin decides Rex should join the search, so he does. The search crew finds doors blocked by what Jin calls "Addam's Crest", which will only open for a Leftherian, so Rex is ordered to open them. As he is therefore the first to enter, he is the first to reach the treasure inside: a woman sealed in a glass compartment in the wall. Intrigued, he sees a glowing green crystal on a sword stuck in the ground before him, and touches it despite Malos yelling at him not to. Jin instantly kills him and destroys the sword in an "act of mercy".

Rex wakes up in a grassy field, seeing the sealed woman standing beside a lone tree. Her name is Pyra, and she says they are in Elysium - or rather, a memory of it. She wishes to return to Elysium, and revives Rex using half her life force, making him her Driver. Part of the Core Crystal appears in Rex's chest, and the Aegis is recalled into his hand. He helps Pyra break free of Malos, and the two fight him off so the other salvagers can escape. Nia and her Blade Dromarch join Rex's side, and a mysterious black ship's arrival is countered by Azurda's appearance. Rex, Pyra, Nia, and Dromarch all escape on Azurda, but he is shot down and crashes on Gormott. Gramps dies not long after the crash, but manages to survive by reverting himself into a larval stage, so Rex carries him around in his helmet.

Nia guides the party to Torigoth, where Rex witnesses hopeful Drivers trying to resonate with new Blades, and learns just how unusual Pyra is compared to the normal ones. He then has a run-in with the local law military, who ding him for being an unregistered Driver and hanging with the supposed criminal Nia, but he gets away with the help of new friend Tora. Tora has been looking for a Driver friend, and while Rex thinks he's too new for that, he accepts it. They work together to finish building Tora's Artificial Blade, Poppi, so they can rescue Nia from the authorities. They successfully do so, but only because it's a trap; he has to fight through Consul Dughall to escape a battleship and then runs directly into Special Inquisitor Mòrag and her Blade Brighid. Mòrag wants to take Pyra away so her power as the Aegis can't be used to destroy entire continents again, but Rex remains determined to keep her away from anyone else. With teamwork and quick thinking, he helps the party escape.

Now with a bigger team to help the journey, Rex determines that they should try to just go straight to the World Tree from here. Obtaining a boat from Tora's uncle Umon, he sails the group up to the Great Void, the ring of emptiness that separates the Cloud Sea from the World Tree's trunk. Before anyone can decide how to proceed, a giant metal serpent attacks, causing them to get eaten by the nearby Titan of Uraya. As they work towards getting out, they run into a man called Vandham. He connects with Rex, freely offering advice for not only his quest but being a Driver and with life in general.

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Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

Rex appears twice during the game. Firstly, as Mythra goes berserk aboard her Siren while battling Malos at The Soaring Rostrum, a flash-forward plays that shows Rex a few times: resonating with Pyra in Dreamworld Elysium, with Mythra after her awakening at Olethro Playhouse, at Gotrock Oracle Ruins, and finally reaching his hands out in Aion's Hangar before Pneuma's awakening. He later appears during the game's ending - as Pyra is shown resting on the Ancient Ship, a door opens with Rex behind it, referencing the scene in the beginning of the main game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

While not present within the narrative of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a statue in his honor can be found in Memorial Hall in the City, representing House Cassini alongside the other five Founders.

A picture of Rex is later seen in the game's ending, where he stands over Pyra, Mythra, and Nia. All three women are seen holding babies, with him standing over them; it is heavily implied that he married all three of them, and that the babies are all his.

Future Redeemed[edit]

Rex's Future Redeemed artwork.

Rex, alongside Shulk, and Z are first seen confronting Alpha, telling Shulk that nothing will get through to Alpha as to him, he's a heartless machine. Alpha then unleashes a powerful attack, costing Rex his left eye.

Over a decade later, Rex shields Nikol from a Ferronis laser, much like Shulk saved Glimmer. After W's defeat, he inquires about who fed Moebius their location, Panacea points out Glimmer. Rex then scolds her for such irresponsible behavior. Shortly after, however, he expresses regret to Linka, who recognized Glimmer as well, and notes that Shulk faces a similar dilemma with Nikol, much to Rex's surprise.

Alongside Shulk, the other Liberator leader, he would guide the young squad of adventurers to Colony 9, their home base.

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  • Rex was brought to Leftheria as a young child, his parents presumably fleeing a war or the death of their Titan. His mother would die shortly after delivering Rex to Fonsett safely, and his father would be found dead not far from the village. While this implies he is not from Leftheria proper, he has Leftherian traits and can open doors in the Ancient Ship and Spirit Crucible that are said to be accessible only to Leftherians. This means that either he is from a close enough region to still be considered ethnically Leftherian, or his family/ancestors were originally from Leftheria and moved elsewhere only recently.[note 1]
    • Rex's father died at the Ansel Hatchery, provided the location was not simply a reused asset for the scene.
    • Furthermore, it is implied that Rex may be a descendant of Addam, being a native Leftherian, Mythra's second Driver, and similarities of the two both in appearance and demeanor. However, there is little to guarantee this.
  • Rex is a very outgoing and independent individual, shown to be capable of supporting himself as a salvager, but also supporting his adoptive family in Fonsett Village.
    • While he is 15 during the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, he states that he has been working as a salvager for several years prior to Bana contracting him for a salvage operation at Torna's behest.
  • A photo can be seen at the end of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 depicting Rex noticeably older than he was in Xenoblade 2, standing behind Pyra, Mythra, and Nia, all of whom are holding babies. The implication is then that he is the father of all three children.
    • Given that he directly identifies Glimmer as his daughter to Shulk and A in Future Redeemed, almost certainly this makes Pyra Glimmer's mother, as well would make him Mio's father by extension.
      • This would mean that three of the City's six Houses are descended from Rex; Vandham and Doyle being descendants of Mio, and Glimmer directly being the founder of House Rhodes.
  • Rex and Shulk would found the Liberators, a group dedicated to fighting Moebius and restoring their worlds back to order; the precursor to the Lost Numbers.
    • While Rex lost his eye against Alpha, historical records would attribute this injury to Moebius.
  • While in Aionios, Rex would care for Linka like a child of his own, between Rex being close to her parents, and both being among the few people to not be assimilated by Origin when the worlds Intersected.
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As a boss[edit]

As a party member[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Main article: Rex/Gameplay (XC2)

As the main character of the game, Rex is the Driver playable for the longest time. He is the only Driver who can wield the Aegis Sword (not including Addam in Torna ~ The Golden Country) and the Catalyst Scimitar. In chapter 7, Pneuma can be called exclusively by Rex, making him especially strong in Chain Attacks. He also becomes the Master Driver in chapter 8, allowing him to use any Blade (except for any of Tora's Blades).

Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

Main article: Rex/Gameplay (XC3)

Rex is a Hero that can be added to the party after completing the Time Attack mission The Two Saviors.

Future Redeemed[edit]

Main article: Rex/Gameplay (FR)

Rex is a playable character in Future Redeemed. His class is Master Driver, an Attacker class focusing on critical hits.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Rex appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Mii Costume if the Fighter's Pass Vol. 1 is purchased. He also appears in Pyra and Mythra's taunts as well as their Final Smashes. Rex also appears as a Spirit and as of Ver. 11.0.0, can be upgraded into his Master Driver's appearance.

As a primary Spirit, Rex has the Shield type and the Ace class, and comes with three support slots with a power of 2934 at base level and 8825 at max level. He can be enhanced at Level 99 to Rex (Master Driver) with the skill "Critical-Health Stats ↑". This version has the Shield type and the Legend class, with a power of 4752 at base level and 11881 at max level.

Rex is obtainable through the Spirit Board and through Adventure mode, where he is represented by Shulk in his fifth costume (referencing Rex's hair and clothing colors).

If Challenger Pack 9 (containing Pyra and Mythra) has not been purchased, this fight will take place on the Final Destination version of Kongo Falls and the floor will be lava. Shulk (holding a Fire Bar) fights alongside Lucina in her fourth costume (representing Pyra), and they both hava lava immunity. The player will start with 120 HP, while Shulk and Lucina start at 90 HP.

If Challenger Pack 9 has been purchased, this fight will take place on the Final Destination version of Cloud Sea of Alrest with the BGM Argentum. Shulk (holding a Fire Bar) fights alongside Lucina in her fourth costume (representing Pyra). The player will start with 120 HP, while Shulk and Lucina both start at 90 HP.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Rex
Japan flag.svg Japanese レックス Latin for "King"
France flag.svg French Rex
Germany flag.svg German Rex
Spain flag.svg Spanish Rex
Italy flag.svg Italian Rex
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 莱克斯
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 雷克斯
South Korea flag.svg Korean 렉스


Main article: Rex/Gallery


  1. The game represents Rex's parents with Tantalese NPC models. Presumably this is just for stylistic reasons, as if interpreted literally it would make no sense.


    "The reason why Rex, a 15-year old boy, is able to show such fighting strength is because he is engaged with a Blade."