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Plot summary of Xenosaga Episode II

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This page describes a plot summary of Xenosaga Episode II - Jenseits von Gut und Böse. It is not a full description nor a complete novelization, but simply an overview of major events. If the reader is looking for a full script, see here.


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It is the height of the Miltian Conflict, as a Miltian ship gates out over Miltia, video footage show out of control combat Realians rioting in the streets. Lieutenant General Helmer sends Canaan a special Realian specifically created by Vector Industries's CEO, resistant from going out of control and chaos are sent to the surface in their E.S. Asher. They make land down in the streets and make their way to Labyrinthos. chaos reveals that their mission is to rescue the last remainig U.R.T.V.s and the Y-Data. En route, the Song of Nephilim activates, driving nearby Federation A.M.W.S. pilots insane, Canaan too almost succumbs to the Song but remained in control when an unaffected A.M.W.S. piloted by Jin Uzuki. Jin reveals that he stole the Y-Data fron Margulis.

The two abandoned Asher and continued on foot where they were confronted by Colonel Margulis. Jin and Margulis duel and manages to wound one another, but in the end Margulis is defeated, sent plummeting to his doom. Jin decides to entrust the contents of the Y-Data to Canaan before going their separate ways. Canaan and chaos then observe a cloud of darkness approaching them before the footage is cut off.

Chapter 1[edit]

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In other words, yes we know it's unfinished; we just didn't want to leave it blank in the meantime. You can help complete it.

Fourteen years later in the present, Canaan is undergoing memory examination at the Second Miltian Government offices, but hits a roadblock. Canaan is later summoned by Representative Helmer who reports in. Meanwhile, a man, the Patriarch, is reading a holy book, before his subordinate, Orgulla reports in regarding the Y-Data from chief Inquisitor Margulis. A hologram of Margulis then reports in, who is then berated by the Patriarch, who then explains himself, saying that Albedo that the Y-Data is secured by some form of high-level protection that can be only accessed by the U.M.N.. The Patriarch reveals that Cardinal Heinlein has manipulated the Federation's upper ranks, and asks him if he knows anything which he denies and assumes that it is the interest of the organization's best interest. The Patriarch is considering to invade the demilitarized zone in the future before Margulis before ending communications. Later, on his flagship, Margulis contacts Pellegri who sends Richard and Hermann after MOMO before Margulius authorized her to use the E.S. Issachar for the operation.

Meanwhile, picking off where Episode I has left off, as the party begins to descend into the Second Miltian spaceport, Shion (who later lost her glasses after Allen accidentally steps on them) narrates a recap of the previous game. After landing, the party go their separate ways, Shion, Allen and KOS-MOS heads to Vector Second Division while Jr., MOMO, chaos, and Ziggy make their way to the Government offices. On route, they are attacked by the U-TIC Organization, lead by Richard and Hermann in their A.M.W.S. Scutum and Pilum. Eventually they are cornered and Issachar, piloted by Pellegri attempts to capture MOMO but is driven off by Asher, piloted by Canaan with the Vessels of Anima reacting to each other.

Jr. thanks Canaan for saving them. who then explains to the party that Canaan was the one who rescued him and Gaignun after the Miltian Conflict when they were younger. In the said flashback, Jr. is carrying a dying Gaignun, begging for help, they were spotted by Asher, being piloted by chaos and Canaan who then picks carries them to safety. Since that day, Jr. owes chaos and Canaan their lives. At Vector's Second Division, Shion and Allen is informed by their superior that due to the increase of the Gnosis phenomenon, which resulted in the destruction of 120 star systems, KOS-MOS will be fitted with the Tertiary Weapons System as a last resort. After the meeting, Shion reminiscences about her and Kevin about KOS-MOS's birth and a craft designed to be used with her as a method to save mankind. After the flashback ends, Shion decides to explore the city before stopping at Moby Dick's Café.