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This page describes a plot summary of Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is not a full description nor a complete novelization, but simply an overview of major events. If the reader is looking for a full script, see the Script of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Certain pieces of information are taken from sources external to the game, like Forging BLADE.


July, 2054 A.D. Two unknown alien forces, the Ghosts and the Samaar Federation, are engaged in a massive battle. The collateral damage of this battle leads to the planet being completely devastated. Fortunately, the United Federation launches interstellar arks into space as part of Project Exodus to preserve the human race. Unfortunately, most of the Arks are obliterated attempting to escape the earth due to being hit by alien weaponry.

One such ship, the White Whale, is one of the fortunate few to escape Earth and the two alien superpowers. It spends two years in space in its search for a habitable planet. The ship ends up pursued by a faction of the Ghosts. Through the concerted efforts of the soldiers and Skells on the ship, the Ghosts' ships are repelled. The ship however takes heavy damage and is pulled into the gravitational field of a nearby planet in an area unmapped by any starcharts.

The White Whale is destroyed upon entry to the nearby planet, and its shrapnel is scattered across the planet. The habitation unit containing the city of New Los Angeles, however, survives intact due to its barrier, its retro-rockets fired to prevent heavy impact, and an impact gel which crystallized upon collision.

The people stationed on the habitation unit establish a new civilian government and a military force known as BLADE headed by defence secretary Kentaro Nagi and Commander Jack Vandham. The planet is named "Mira" by Chausson, after a crucial member of Project Exodus.

Prologue: Awakening[edit]

Two months after the crash, Elma finds a single survivor in a lifepod surrounded by other destroyed lifepods in the Starfall Basin. The survivor gives her their name (Cross), although they don't remember anything else. Suddenly, an indigen, the Origin Blatta, decides to strike, and the two take the bug down. After defeating the Blatta, Elma notes Cross's combat skill and notes that there's plenty of work for someone with their skill at the main habitat.

As the two leave the area, night turns to day and Elma introduces Cross to the wonders of their new planet, letting them pick where to go as they explore. When they make it to the habitat, they are ambushed by an Elder Grex and two Callow Grexes. They take the group out and head into the Habitat unit. Elma introduces Cross to the habitat, which has become the sprawling metropolis known as New Los Angeles, or NLA.

Chapter 1: New Los Angeles[edit]

Elma shows Cross throughout the city and meet up with on-duty soldiers Irina Akulov and Gwin Evans, two of Elma's former subordinates when she was a colonel for the Coalition. Gwin notes that the new director general Maurice Chausson had announced the return of ten crew members instead of just one, while Irina remarks that Chausson's always stretched the truth for a good speech. The two introduce themselves to Cross and head on their way.

As Elma and Cross continue towards the Administrative District, they notice a Skell flying in the air until it crashes into the ground. A man named Doug Barrett emerges out of the smoking Skell and a young girl, Lin Lee Koo, arrives on the scene to check on him. Once Lin makes sure everything is all right, she offers to take the two on a grand tour of the city via the transport. She gives an introduction to all of the districts of the city as the group makes its way to the BLADE Barracks.

When they arrive, a uniformed man, known as Secretary Kentaro Nagi, approaches them and proposes that Cross join BLADE. Elma notes that they should wait since their newest recruit may have some memory loss. In order to bring them up to speed, Nagi explains the purpose of BLADE, stating that it is an organization that focuses on the search and recovery of the Lifehold. This unit was part of the White Whale and contains the vast majority of people. Elma states that with any luck, they are still in stasis waiting to be rescued, but she doesn't know where its pieces landed.

After the briefing, Elma and Lin take Cross out to see the various features of the Administrative District, with Lin gushing over a Skell, promising that they'll have an opportunity to ride one if they join BLADE. Their trip stops at the BLADE Tower, where the leadership is located and where key assignments can be reported. A display is attached to the tower with a percentage attached.

Chapter 2: The New Frontier[edit]

When the three return, Nagi explains that he's been in a talk with Commander Vandham. They agree that Cross should be fast-tracked onto BLADE duty with a training assignment. Cross, after some persuasion (depending on the player), agrees to join.

Elma explains that a system called FrontierNav is used to deploy a sensor grid across Mira so they can collect all kinds of information about their new home. Nagi tasks Cross with installing a data probe just east of the city in Primordia so the system can run properly.

When Elma, Lin, and Cross arrive at the probe site, they find three dead simius. Lin wonders what could have killed them, and they notice a Tyrant: Volkampf, the Pursuer. Elma explains that indigens like that tyrant are powerful enough to pose a threat to even BLADE's best teams. They still agree to fight and take down the tyrant in order to prevent it from causing damage to the city.

Once the tyrant is defeated, Cross successfully installs the data probe. They return to the barracks where Cross meets Commander Vandham for the first time. He states that he just got news of them taking out the tyrant, noting that it was "reckless. And goddamn magnificent."

Chapter 3: Builders of a Legacy[edit]

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