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Plot summary of Future Redeemed

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This page describes a plot summary of Future Redeemed. It is not a full description nor a complete novelization, but simply an overview of major events. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the entire plot of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Chapter 1[edit]

In an orange fog, Shulk, Rex, and Z stand against what appears to be Alvis.

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In the Cent-Omnia region of Aionios, a pair of adventurers are defending themselves from creatures of Moebius: Matthew, a hot-headed City refugee, and A, his even-keeled sidekick. They dispatch their foes and proceed onward, their goal being to find any others from the City. Resting for the night, Matthew can't stop thinking about how N attacked the City and killed his grandad, followed by the City's destruction. Elsewhere that night, City people are chased by a Keves squad that is destroyed by an unknown force, and are approached by dark beasts and an odd stranger.

The next morning, Matthew finds a City survivor, but he dies the very moment he arrives. Moving on, they encounter a full-scale battle between Colony 5 of Keves and Colony Gamma of Agnus. Agnus has the upper hand, but Keves has a surprise tactic, which ended up in wiping out the entire army of both colonies except for two: a cowardly Kevesi who fights with mechanical arms and seems to be unable to summon a Blade, and a bloodthirsty Agnian with long red hair and a fiery weapon. While fighting each other to a stalemate, Matthew arrives to break it up, pounding the ground between them and using his gauntlets to turn them into Ouroboros. With some rough convincing, he manages to stop their fight, for the moment at least.

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Upset that their battle has been ruined, Consul Q and Consul R show up. Matthew beats them to a pulp and prepares to finish the job, but the Agnian is still loyal to the Consul, and is easily convinced to get in the way. A takes the opportunity to kill both the Consuls, followed by slicing both the Colonies' Flame Clocks, freeing the two soldiers. While the Kevesi, Nikol, seems content with what's going on, the Agnian, Glimmer, is still desperate to die for her country, and decides to sneak off during the night.

Chapter 2[edit]

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A flashback plays. In the City outskirts, Matthew and his sister Na'el are training under the watch of their grandad Ghondor, who then spars with them and predictably whups them. It seems that using Ouroboros powers is a dying practice, partly because no one in the family - not even Ghondor's parents, Noah and Mio - have ever managed to find its true capabilities. Na'el is then pulled away by a group of City kids, including Chyra, demanding she play the piano for them.

Matthew wakes up to find Nikol telling him that Glimmer has run off, so he decides they're going after her. Along the way, they contend with Nikol's self-esteem issues relating to his inability to summon a Blade, resulting in Matthew explaining the Ouroboros power. Ahead, Glimmer discovers her own Ouroboros power while defending against creatures, but then runs into an unknown group of people led by a Panacea. They subdue her and find out she's been freed, which Panacea's "Teacher" - Shulk - decides makes her an ally. Calling themselves the Liberators, they learn from her that two people freed her and took out Moebius. One of the group, Dillon, knows Matthew and says he has to be involved.

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Left alone, Glimmer then finds she's within communication range of Agnus, and calls Colony Eta to approach. She runs off thinking she's reached friendly lines again, but Consul W fires at her, since without a Flame Clock she's of no use to them anymore. Shulk arrives to her rescue, and tries to use their agreement with Z to get rid of him, but W decides that Q and R being dead overrides that and continues to attack. As Matthew's group arrives to help out, Shulk recognizes A's earring. W decides he needs more firepower, and summons a Kevesi Ferronis to join him, fusing both Ferronises to himself to create a three-part monstrosity.

Rex shows up.

Chapter 3[edit]

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In a flashback, Matthew and Na'el talk about how the City's had peace for 15 years. Na'el is okay with this, but Matthew feels the job isn't done.

The trio of Shulk, Rex, and Matthew all attack at once to take down W and his fused Ferronises. While Rex lays into Glimmer for trying to get them all killed, Shulk takes the group to their temporary camp so they can set out for the Liberators' base tomorrow. Rex's aide Linka prods him for being so tough on Glimmer, while Shulk nerds out with Nikol over his constructed weapon (also Riku is there). Later, Nikol goes to try and find something in common with Glimmer, who has finally accepted the truth.

As the group moves out in the morning, Matthew thinks about the time when a bunch of people left the City to form a second City, Chyra's family among them. They shortly reach Colony 9, where the Liberators store the City people they find. Seeing them teaching freed Kevesi and Agnians how to live and plant crops, it makes Matthew remember the time when he and Na'el discovered an abandoned Kevesi colony scattered with husks, since there was no signs of combat and the Ferronis being intact, it's most likely that all of the soldiers were starved to death. He then catches up with Dillon to hear he also knows nothing of where Na'el is, while Shulk and Rex discuss their very different experiences with meeting their children again. They then receive a clue: a search party went missing, and among the stuff left behind is a bracelet of Na'el's. Matthew immediately heads out and the others follow.

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The party arrives at the location to find nothing. Matthew thinks about the time when they found the second City ransacked by starving Keves forces, with everyone including Chyra killed, prompting Na'el to wipe them out and become depressed and convinced they have no more peace than when Moebius were attacking. They make camp and Matthew tells them about the City's fall, when N attacked Ghondor and an explosion destroyed everything, followed by him being found by A and deciding he needs revenge.

That night, Shulk talks with A as if he's talking to Alvis, and Rex joins in with his prespective. The three of them come to a hypothesis on what the deal with "Alvis" is: N's confrontation with Ghondor caused an event that allowed A (the "conscience") to separate from Ontos and take a separate form, with the remainder calling himself Alpha. Unable to hear the opinions of Logos and Pneuma, Alpha is an unfeeling machine, and has decided to erase the current world and replace it with a new one seeded with new life taken from the City. And like Zanza, Alpha needs a host, which is why A has been following Matthew.

Na'el appears with the Ontos core in her costume, and asks Matthew to come with her.

Chapter 4[edit]

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In a flashback, Matthew and Na'el encounter some Fogbeasts. Moving on their next destination, Na'el spots the Ontos core in the beach sand, which talks to her as she picks it up. In the present, Z realizes that Alpha is making his move, and sends N to do something about it.

Matthew is first relieved at finding Na'el, but is eventually convinced by the others that it isn't really her, helped by her proceeding to talk trash about the current world. But then N arrives, and Matthew immediately joins her in fighting him, until it's revealed that he's the Noah he knows as his grandad's father. Weakened, Na'el leaves, followed by Origin appearing in the sky directly overhead. Matthew figures out that N is doing this for Mio, while N states that he is going to stop him from reaching Origin, and leaves.

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Back at Colony 9, Shulk and Rex explain ths history of the world - how it used to be one, before being ripped into two, and then were going to become zero by annihilating each other. They built Origin, based on the Ontos core, to stop this. And now, Alpha wants to replace the current world, using an an avatar someone who lost what she cares about and so shares the same desire to erase the present. They agree they have to get to Origin to stop him, so they aim to travel up the Black Mountains. While they planned on making Nikol and Glimmer stay behind, they manage to help Riku improve the Ouroboros Stone's capabilities enough to contest Shulk and Rex in a fight, which convinces them to accept their help.

The party reaches the terrace of Prison Island. N is there, saying that he must stop them from advancing, as the implication is that Alpha is waiting for Matthew. During the ensuing fight, a clash causes everyone to see a memory from Origin: the truth of the City's fall. Responding to a Moebius attack, Ghondor finds Na'el shepherding many people into a beam of light. N arrives to kill her and anyone else of the City would could be useful to Alpha. Ghondor is conflicted between his father and granddaughter, and chooses to put himself in the way, forcing N to stab him. Seeing this, Matthew socks N in the mouth for being stupid.

Na'el then transports everyone somewhere.

Chapter 5[edit]

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Everyone finds themselves in a contemporary suburban neighbourhood overlooking an advanced city with a space elevator. None of them understand this, though Shulk and Rex figure out it's a memory of Klaus' world. Hearing piano music in the distance, Matthew runs ahead to find Na'el, happily entertaining a bunch of kids. She believes this is the sort of perfect world waiting for them as promised by Alpha. But when the rest of the group arrives, and A starts to lay the truth on of what happened after this memory - changing the scenery to rain and destruction - she becomes distraught. Matthew manages to convince Na'el that she's being just like Moebius, but she is pulled back as the landscape fades away.

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Alpha appears and derides the party for believing things like "feelings" and "conscience" are of any importance. He finds the turmoil in Matthew and tries to get at it, but N arrives to break off the attempt. Alpha decides he needs to take on a more powerful appearance and does so. N demands/baits Matthew into using his gauntlets to punch the Sword of the End in a certain way, creating a reverberation that allows six of the party to Interlink into a giant proto-Ouroboros that punches Alpha in the face, defeating him. A, Shulk, and Rex realize that someone needs to step in to keep Origin going, so they volunteer, freeing Nikol and Glimmer from their ten-term lifespan before walking off.

Origin plummets into the Cent-Omnia region, obliterating it and forming a central sea that it sinks into. Matthew and N briefly consider going back to fighting, but decide to leave it there, with Matthew chiding N for being dumb and maybe prompting change himself in the future and part ways. Later, as a new City begins construction, Nikol and Riku work on improving the Ouroboros Stone as Matthew heads out on a journey.

In the end, the results of the ending of the main story are shown. As the two worlds separate as intended, there is a flash, and a third world becomes visible. A blue streak of light descends from space, heading towards the newly created Earth.