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XSF Encyclopedia picture Pellegri.png
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 35 (Episode I & II)
36 (Episode III)
Height 171 cm
Weight 56 kg
Japanese VA Eriko Hara
English VA Philece Sampler (XSI)
Kari Wahlgren (XSII, III)
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga: The Animation
Xenosaga 1 & 2
Xenosaga Outer File

Pellegri (ペレグリー) an antagonist in the Xenosaga series. She is a commander in the U-TIC Organization and Margulis's lieutenant.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Pellegri is a tanned woman with short blond hair and blue eyes. She wears a black dress with red trims, black boots, leggings, white gloves and wears a cross-shaped choker. During the Miltian Conflict, Pellegri wore a darker version of the female Federation uniform.

Pellegri is loyal to the cause, she is also callous to her enemies. Despite this, she is not afraid to voice her objections, expressing her outrage to her superior Margulis after an experiment with the Zohar failed, resulting in the disappearance of Ariadne.

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Story arc[edit]


Episode I[edit]

Pellegri is a commander within the U-TIC Organization and serves directly under Margulis. Pellegri is seen throughout the game accompanying Margulis at Pleroma. She expresses displeasure at the destruction of a planet of half a billion innocent people, but he dismisses her complaints. Later, she questions whether it is wise to entrust matters concerning the recovery of MOMO to Albedo. She later calls him a monster born of life recycling and worries about him getting impatient and moving on his own.

Episode II[edit]

Pellegri can be found talking to Margulis early in the game as she leads an operation to pursue MOMO and the others as they arrive on Second Miltia. She is provided with permission to use the E.S. unit Issachar. Her subordinates Richard and Hermann are sent on ahead and fought off by Junior, MOMO, Ziggy and chaos. Pellegri then shows up in Issachar to take them on, demanding they hand over MOMO. Canaan appears in the E.S. Asher and suddenly the controls on her E.S. stop responding. She decides to abort the mission and withdraws with her subordinates. She later appears in a scene with Margulis after he has spoken to Sellers. Expecting the seal on Old Miltia to soon be broken, he anticipates the Immigrant Fleet to descend there, during which time she will be given the authority to operate on her own. When the party makes its way through the Ormus Stronghold and set off its self-detonation device, Pellegri appears before them in the Issachar to take them on as they try and escape. She escapes herself as the base falls into a nearby black hole. Pellegri appears again later in the game speaking with an agent in the Federation Parliament who is killed by Dmitri Yuriev. She is shocked to see him appear as he had died 14 years before.


Pellegri has a dislike of the Life Recycling variants such as U.R.T.V.s and Überhumans

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Episode I


BORN: T.C. 4732
AGE: 35 years old

A female commander within the U-TIC Organization.

She serves as Margulis' aide on Pleroma.

Episode III


Pellegri Database Thumbnail XS3.png

Vice-commander of the U-TIC Organization and Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus.

Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus. Commands the U-TIC Organization and Ormus’s work forces as Margulis’s right hand. Though her speech and conduct give the impression that she is a moderate, she is ruthless in her efforts to accomplish the Organization’s goals.

Born of the people of Zohar from Michtam like Margulis, she gives her all as an Inquisitor in order to facilitate a return to the holy motherland of Lost Jerusalem.

It appears that she had some form of relationship with Jin Uzuki in the past, and that both of them continue to carry that with them.



Pellegri Encyclopedia Thumbnail XSF.png


T. C. 4732年生まれ。35歳。U-TIC機関の司令官。U-TIC機関の本拠地、プレロマでマーグリスの副官をつとめる。健で博愛主義的な印象を受けるが、目的のためならどんな手段もわない非情な性格の持ち主。

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