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Noctilum Nights

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Noctilum Nights
Defeat the levitath.
Type XCX mission icon Support Mission.png Support Mission
Difficulty 4
Summary Nights abounding with absop's swallowtails are said to signify levitath mating—and too many of those can ruin Noctilum's ether balance. We need your help here.
Unlock condition (International) After completing Chapter 12
(Japan) After purchasing the Growth Acceleration Support Mission Pack DLC
Level 40 - 50
Skells Allowed
Time limit 20 minutes
Retries 3
Max party size 4
Destination Noctilum
Time 7:00
Weather XCX weather icon Dense Fog.png Dense Fog

Noctilum Nights is a Support Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This mission involves defeating a set of four Germivores, then defeating the large Levitath that spawns afterwards. Despite the name, this mission takes place during the daytime.

This mission is often used to quickly gain BP, because As If a Cloud takes a longer time to complete.


Type Description Target(s)
Defeat enemies Defeat:
Defeat enemies Defeat:


Main rewards
EXP 4,500
Class EXP 21
Battle Points 48
Base prob. Item(s) Amount

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Noctilum Nights
Japan flag.svg Japanese 夜光 (やこう)正体 (しょうたい) Truth of the Nightglow