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Monado Shield (XC1)

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Monado Shield
XC1 art icon Monado Shield.png XC1DE art icon Monado Shield.png
User Shulk
Type Talent art
Colour Black
Target All party members
Effect(s) Blocks talent arts of the same level or lower
Description Deflects enemy Talent Arts of the same level or lower.
First available Arachno Queen battle
For other articles titled "Monado Shield", see Monado Shield (disambiguation).

Monado Shield (モナドシールド, Monado Shield), often shortened to just Shield (シールド, Shield), is one of Shulk's Monado Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles and Future Connected. It makes all party members immune to the next enemy Talent Art of the same level as Shield or lower that targets them, only taking 1 damage from each hit.


Many protective Arts explicitly do not work against enemy Talent Arts, making Monado Shield one of the few ways to defend against them. If Shulk gets a vision about a talent art, it is essentially always the right option to use Shield to neutralize it entirely. Since the entire party is protected by Shield, there's no need to worry about predicting changes in aggro when using it. However, the player does have to be careful to not use it too early—other enemies may use their Talent Art and cause the Shield to disappear before the vision comes true, or if a vision is delayed the Shield might expire before the enemy uses their Talent Art.

Monado Shield can only protect against Talent Arts that are the same level as it or lower. As the level of Shield can only be seen in the upgrade screen, the player must remember to check it occasionally to ensure that they're upgrading it to match the level of the Talent Arts for the enemies they're facing.

Monado Shield is useless against Bionis Slash X, even if levelled up to level X.


Damage type Status
Category Talent
Talent gauge used 50%
Accuracy +0%
Obtained Event
Power 1.00
Hits 0
Element Earth
Frames Seconds
Hit 60 2
Duration 96 3.2
Target Self
Area All
Range 500.00m
Effect XC1 Icon Buff Shield.png Shield
Duration 15.0s
AI type Normal
Aggro 10
Knockback None
Flags Anti-air: False
Single effects: False
Monado art: True
Battle text
Original Protects against enemy Talent Arts.
DE Protects against enemy Talent Arts (XC1DE icon buff Shield.png).
Basic Intermediate Advanced
AP cost 0 320 640 1,280 2,560 3,840 5,760 8,320 11,520 15,360

In the Super Smash Bros. games[edit]

Main article: Monado Arts on SmashWiki

In the Super Smash Bros. series, Shulk uses Monado Shield as one of the options of his neutral special move, Monado Arts. While Shield is active, the damage and knockback Shulk takes and deals are massively reduced, his shield becomes exceptionally strong, and his mobility is drastically reduced. These effects are more akin to Monado Armour.


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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Shield
Japan flag.svg Japanese シールド Shield
France flag.svg French Bouclier Shield
Germany flag.svg German Schild Shield
Spain flag.svg Spanish Barrera
Italy flag.svg Italian Scudo
Netherlands flag.svg Dutch Schild Shield
Portugal flag.svg Portuguese Escudo Shield
Russia flag.svg Russian Щит
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 护盾
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 護盾
South Korea flag.svg Korean 실드 Shield