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XSF Encyclopedia picture Margulis.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 44 (Episode I and II)
45 (Episode III)
Height 184 cm
Weight 78 kg
Japanese VA Jouji Nakata
English VA Michael McConnohie
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga: The Animation
Xenosaga 1 & 2

Margulis (マーグリス) is a major antagonist in the Xenosaga series. He is a commander with the U-TIC Organization.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]


Margulis appears on Old Miltia as Jin, chaos and Canaan make their way through the area, hoping to find out more about the Y-Data information Jin has recovered. Margulis and Jin are revealed to have a past relationship with each other, and Jin calls him Colonel. The two do battle with their swords and Margulis is scarred in the face by a fireball launched at him. Margulis falls when the ground he's standing on cracks and falls apart, although he makes it out alive and escapes Old Miltia before it is sealed away.

Flashbacks show Margulis recruiting Cherenkov to be a member of U-TIC. He comes across Cherenkov at a facility where Cherenkov has murdered the occupants after numerous failed attempts at personality reconditioning. Margulis easily avoids Cherenkov's attacks and knocks him out. He takes Cherenkov with him and makes him his subordinate, providing him various tests including a Zohar Link Experiment that results in the disappearance of the planet Ariadne.

Episode I[edit]

Margulis is a commander within the U-TIC Organization. During the game he operates out of the base Pleroma. In addition to Cherenkov, he also has Pellegri as a subordinate, who accompanies him there. He first appears when Cherenkov reports to him while on the Woglinde. Margulis is concerned about people disappearing by touching the Zohar Emulator and decides to move up their plans to recover it as a result. This doesn't go according to plan though, and the gnosis recover it instead. Margulis next appears on Pleroma talking with Pellegri. He doesn't seem concerned about a recent experiment that caused a planet of 1.5 billion people to be eradicated. With MOMO in their hands, Margulis visits her in a cell. He hopes to be able to have a word with the "man hidden inside her" (Joachim Mizrahi). When Ziggy infiltrates Pleroma he and MOMO fight Margulis, coming to a draw until an explosion provides a distraction such that Ziggy and MOMO escape. Margulis sends his forces after them, but they are able to escape onto the Elsa.

Margulis invites Albedo to Pleroma, planning to use him as part of his plans over MOMO. Cherenkov contacts him, claiming he has his hands on MOMO, but Margulis tells him to report back to base. Margulis has Cherenkov's tracking signal watched, and when Cherenkov dies this enables him to find out about it, something that disappoints him. Later, Margulis speaks remotely to Sellers then implements a plan to frame the Kukai Foundation for the destruction of the Woglinde. Margulis plays more of a background role at the conclusion of the game as Albedo utilizes the Song of Nephilim and then Proto Merkabah.

Episode II[edit]

Margulis appears in several scenes in the game reporting to Sergius, leader of Ormus. He first appears in a scene where Sergius questions him about the Y-Data falling into the hands of the Kukai Foundation. Margulis doesn't appear too concerned about it and says preparations for their next move are already under way. Sergius asks about the involvement of Heinlein, Ormus Cardinal in the recent offensive against Second Miltia but Margulis feigns having any knowledge about it. After their conversation is over, Margulis contacts Pellegri on her operation to pursue MOMO on Second Miltia. He has provided her with the E.S. Issachar, possessing a Vessel of Anima and tells her to handle it with care. Margulis is later seen speaking with Sellers, who has had Pleroma destroyed. He then talks to Pellegri, believing that Albedo will soon break the seal to Old Miltia and the Immigrant Fleet will head there.

After Albedo unlocks the seal to Old Miltia, Margulis reports to Sergius about fighting off any interference from the Miltian Government, Subcommittee on Close Encounters and Vector, using the Inquisitors. As the party arrives on Old Miltia and makes their way into the Zohar Isolation Area within Labyrinthos they are confronted by Margulis. Margulis claims they have already accomplished their objective to seize control of the Zohar. He pulls out his sword and again does battle with Jin and the entire party. After he is defeated he retreats via the help of the A.M.W.S. Scutum. In his final appearance of the game, Margulis betrays Sergius, having conspired with Heinlein to have him die a martyr and as such withholds any support when Sergius seeks to defend the Ω System against the oncoming Federation Fleet.


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Episode I


BORN: T.C. 4723
AGE: 44 years old

One of the key figures of the U-TIC Organization and commander of Pleroma, one of their primary bases.

He is intricately connected to both the incident which occurred 14 years ago, and the Miltian Conflict.

He appears to be a former soldier, judging from his strong physique and the sword scar running across his cheek.

A master swordsman with a cold, merciless personality.

Episode III


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Commander-in-chief of the U-TIC Organization and Chief Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus.

Chief Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus. Publicly, he holds the title of commander-in-chief of the U-TIC Organization.

A merciless master of the sword, with exceptional battle prowess and crystal-clear judgment; the leadership he displays within Ormus beneath his lofty ideals is absolute.

Muscular in stature, his cheek sports a large scar. That scar was given to him by Jin Uzuki’s sword 15 years earlier, during the Miltian Conflict.

As a youth, both he and Jin Uzuki trained in the sword under Jin’s grandfather; it is said that, at the time, Margulis’s skill surpassed that of Jin.

Upon becoming Colonel of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops, he received orders from Heinlein in his capacity as a member of Ormus and began secret intelligence activities in earnest. The events that occurred during that time tied Margulis and Jin together with strong bonds of fate.

Born a member of planet Michtam’s people of Zohar, he resented the Galaxy Federation for its destruction of his homeland, and pledged loyalty to Cardinal Heinlein in hopes of fulfilling the people of Zohar’s greatest wish: a return to the holy motherland of Lost Jerusalem.



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