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Helmer XS2.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 56 (Episode I & II)
57 (Episode III)
Height 180 cm
Weight 75 kg
Japanese VA Masaru Ikeda
English VA Beau Billingslea (XSI)
Stuart Robinson (XSII)
Keith Szarabajka (XSIII)
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga 1 & 2
Xenosaga: The Animation

Helmer (ヘルマー) is a supporting character in the Xenosaga series. He is the Miltian State Government's representative and a colleague of Jr. and Gaignun.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]


14 years before the events of the game, Helmer assigned Canaan to head down to Old Miltia to retrieve the U.R.T.V.s, sending chaos along with him on the E.S. Asher. At an undetermined earlier date, he had also visited the Yuriev Institute and witnesses the U.R.T.V.s diving into the Subconscious Domain.

Episode I[edit]

A former military officer, Helmer is the current representative of the Miltian State Government. He is good friends with Gaignun and Jr. and was involved in the establishment of the Kukai Foundation. Helmer first appears in the game after Shion and the others make their way to the Kukai Foundation. He has a conversation with Gaignun, who tells him about their recovery of the twelfth Zohar Emulator and MOMO. With Gaignun worried about the activities of the U-TIC Organization, Helmer agrees to try and sniff out what he can from the UMN Administration Bureau. They also fear what might happen if U-TIC awakens the entity known as U-DO. Later, when U-TIC frames the Kukai Foundation and Second Miltia for the destruction of the Woglinde, Helmer is called in to the Federation Parliament. While he isn't able to prevent the arrest of Jr. and the others, he is able to send an agent of his, Lapis Roman to the Durandal who is able to free Jr. and the others to find evidence of their innocence via records in KOS-MOS' subconscious domain. Helmer also receives assistance from Vector CEO Wilhelm in the matter. As a result, the Kukai Foundation and Second Miltia are cleared of any wrong doing. Helmer later appears expressing surprise over the appearance of Proto Merkabah and the fact that Albedo is still alive.

Episode II[edit]

Helmer meets with Canaan on Second Miltia, telling him that Jin Uzuki, who Canaan met during the Miltian Conflict was his subordinate sent on an independent investigation. Helmer asks Canaan to help pick up Jr., MOMO and the others as they arrive at the Space Port. Later, Gaignun meets with Helmer in the Government building. Helmer is concerned about the recent activity by the remnants of U-TIC as well as factions within the Federation that he says are showing signs of armed rebellion. MOMO is soon brought to meet with him as well. Helmer asks Gaignun for some additional reconnaissance in contacting Albedo.

When the trap set within MOMO by Albedo is revealed, Helmer requests help from Vector, speaking with Shion directly. Helmer also goes to visit Jin at his home, asking to enlist his services once again, to find out the truth about the Miltian Conflict using the data in Canaan. When Albedo opens the path to Old Miltia, Helmer dispatches the Miltian Government's forces to support the Federation. He also plans a covert operation to acquire the Zohar, sending Jr., Jin and the others there on the Elsa. During the descent, Jr. contacts him and they talk about the current disarray caused by the fact that the Immigrant Fleet has been able to make it down to Miltia first.


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Episode I


BORN: T.C. 4711
AGE: 56 years old

The Representative of the current autonomous Miltian state government.

A former military officer, he is a sympathetic ally of Jr. and Gaignun, and he was partially responsible for the establishment of the Kukai Foundation.

He fears the U-TIC Organization's rise in power and the awakening of U-DO.

Episode III


Helmer Database Thumbnail XS3.png

Former Commander of the Galaxy Federation Government's Miltian forces.

Representative of Second Miltia’s autonomous government. Friend and sympathizer of Gaignun Kukai and Jr., he played a principal role in establishing the Kukai Foundation. A cautious strategist, always sure to make the first move and pull strings as necessary.

Typically gentle and flexible in demeanor, the depths of his eyes sometimes show a keen sparkle indicative of his history as a military officer. When the Kukai Foundation fell under suspicion, he swiftly made the necessary arrangements to help Gaignun and his team.

He has been aware of the dangers of the Zohar and the U-DO system from an early stage, and has engaged in a variety of activities along with the Kukai Foundation in an effort to stop trouble before it happens.

Jin’s superior during his time in the military, Helmer feared the rise of the U-TIC Organization and the awakening of U-DO and use Jin to gather information.

After the Gnosis terrorism incidents, he began independently monitoring Vector and Dmitri Yuriev under the auspices of the Contact Subcommittee.



Helmer Encyclopedia Thumbnail XSF.png


T.C. 4711 年生まれ。 56 歳。 第二ミルチア自治政府代表討議員。 元軍人。 ガイナン・ クーカイやJr. の良き理解者で、クーカイ・ ファウンデーション設立にも一役買っている。 用心深く、 常に先手を打ち、 根回しに抜かりのない策略家。 実際、 クーカイ・ファウンデーションに嫌疑がかかった際にも、 ガイナンたちを救う手筈を迅速に行った。 U - TIC 機関の台頭とウ・ ドゥこの目醒めを警戒しており、 プロジェクトゾハルにも関係している。

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