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Heart-to-Heart (XC1)

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This article is about Heart-to-Hearts in Xenoblade Chronicles. For Heart-to-Hearts in other games, see Heart-to-Heart (disambiguation).

Heart-to-Hearts are short dialogues between two playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found all over most areas of the game, labelled with an icon of a handshake. Viewing them grants a large amount of affinity.

To view a Heart-to-Heart, both participating characters need to be in the active party and meet a minimum level of affinity. Some are only viewable during daytime or nighttime. Many cannot be viewed until the story has progressed beyond a certain point, in which case all other requirements (such as the characters involved) are hidden. Once a Heart-to-Heart has been investigated once, it and its requirements will appear in the Heart-to-Heart list in the menu.

Each Heart-to-Heart has four different paths in total; the player may choose between one of two dialogue options at the beginning, and another around the middle. One option adds 50 affinity points, while the other subtracts 50. Heart-to-Hearts that can be viewed at lower affinity tend to have an obvious "right" and "wrong" answer, while those only viewable at higher affinity are more neutral (though they are still defined as "right" and "wrong"). In the end, another 300 affinity points are added, meaning that viewing a Heart-to-Heart always results in a total gain of 200, 300, or 400 affinity. This makes them the single best way of raising affinity.

No Heart-to-Hearts are missable. However, the achievements for "selected both options correctly" and "selected both options incorrectly" are missable, as there are only so many Heart-to-Hearts to complete. (That said, it is statistically unlikely to miss both of them.)

In the Definitive Edition, all viewed Heart-to-Hearts can be re-viewed in the Event Theatre. In Future Connected, Heart-to-Hearts have been replaced with Quiet Moments.

List of Heart-to-Hearts[edit]

Name Characters Area
A Breathtaking Sight Reyn Melia Alcamoth
A Broken Watch Shulk Sharla Ether Mine
A Day Like Any Other Seven Melia Frontier Village
A Family of Two Seven Dunban Fallen Arm
A Gift for a Loved One Dunban Sharla Eryth Sea
A Heropon's Perspective Sharla Riki Colony 9
A Mysterious Sanctuary Riki Melia Frontier Village
A Night-time Chat Seven Sharla Fallen Arm
A Scene Revisited Reyn Seven Tephra Cave
A Snowy Hot Spring Shulk Riki Valak Mountain
A Wistful Glow Reyn Sharla Ether Mine
Ancient Astrology Sharla Melia Alcamoth
Ancient Wreckage Reyn Melia Colony 9
At the Pollen Works Shulk Riki Frontier Village
Atop the Crown Tree Sharla Riki Satorl Marsh
Before the Final Battle Shulk Seven Prison Island
Brother and Sister Seven Dunban Alcamoth
Camping Spot Riki Melia Fallen Arm
Dunban's Right Arm Dunban Sharla Colony 6
Echoes of Ancient Times Reyn Melia High Entia Tomb
Enduring Friendship Shulk Reyn Colony 9
Eternal Scars Dunban Melia Fallen Arm
Fallen Brethren Shulk Melia Makna Forest
Fiora's Body Seven Sharla Bionis' Interior
Fiora's Cooking Reyn Seven Colony 9
First Sight of Snow Reyn Seven Valak Mountain
Fish Fly! Fish Fly! Reyn Riki Eryth Sea
Flowers of Eryth Sea Sharla Riki Eryth Sea
Geography Lesson Shulk Dunban Bionis' Leg
Glowing in the Night Dunban Riki Tephra Cave
Heir to the Monado Reyn Dunban Bionis' Leg
High Entia History Dunban Melia Satorl Marsh
Hopes and Plans Shulk Melia High Entia Tomb
In Ose Tower Dunban Riki Valak Mountain
Journey's End Reyn Riki Prison Island
Just Like Old Times Shulk Seven Fallen Arm
Kind Words Riki Melia Bionis' Interior
Life's Hard for a Heropon Dunban Riki Frontier Village
Melia's Imperial Villa Seven Melia Alcamoth
No Boys Allowed Sharla Melia Makna Forest
One Year On Reyn Dunban Colony 6
Overcoming the Pain Seven Melia Fallen Arm
Overlooking the Colony Reyn Sharla Colony 9
Quiet Time Seven Riki Colony 6
Reawakened Memories Seven Sharla Frontier Village
Recovery and Reflection Seven Dunban Colony 6
Renewed Determination Shulk Reyn Colony 6
Revisiting the Past Dunban Sharla Bionis' Leg
Riki Have Question Seven Riki Eryth Sea
Riki's Crazy Crystal Plan Reyn Riki Makna Forest
So Close, Yet So Far Shulk Melia Alcamoth
Strength of Heart Shulk Dunban Colony 6
Sunrise in the Park Shulk Fiora Colony 9
Sunrise in the Park (alternate version) Shulk Seven Colony 9
The Colony Reborn Shulk Sharla Colony 6
The Forefathers Seven Riki Alcamoth
The Legend of the Spider Shulk Reyn Tephra Cave
The Shimmering Marsh Shulk Dunban Satorl Marsh
Those Waiting For You Shulk Riki Fallen Arm
True Natures Dunban Melia Frontier Village
Untold Feelings Sharla Melia Prison Island
Watching Over Them Reyn Dunban Colony 9
What Visions May Bring Shulk Sharla Bionis' Leg
What's on Reyn's Mind Reyn Sharla Bionis' Leg

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Heart-to-Heart
Japan flag.svg Japanese キズナトーク Bonding talk
France flag.svg French Tête-à-tête Head-to-head
Germany flag.svg German Harmoniegespräch Harmony talk
Spain flag.svg Spanish Conversación Conversation
Italy flag.svg Italian Dialogo empatico
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 牵绊对话
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 牽絆對話
South Korea flag.svg Korean 인연 토크


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