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Dynamic Nature

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Dynamic Nature
Defeat the Sylooth.
Type XCX mission icon Support Mission.png Support Mission
Difficulty 1
Summary Noctilum is split by a huge river where large reptilian fauna coexist with various primordial creatures. Go there and take out the ancient beasts.
Unlock condition (International) After completing Chapter 12
(Japan) After purchasing the Affinity Promotion Support Mission Pack DLC
Level 10 - 20
Skells Allowed
Time limit 20 minutes
Retries 3
Max party size 4
Destination Noctilum
Time 7:00
Weather XCX weather icon Dense Fog.png Dense Fog

Dynamic Nature is a Support Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Type Description Target(s)
Defeat enemies Defeat:
Defeat enemies Defeat:
Defeat enemies Defeat:


Main rewards
Division Points 1,000
Affinity 120
Base prob. Item(s) Amount

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Dynamic Nature
Japan flag.svg Japanese 自然 (しぜん)ダイナミック Natural Dynamic