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Dmitri Yuriev
Dmitri XS3.png
Species Human (Designer Child)
Gender Male
Age 100+ *
Height 188 cm
Weight 75 kg
Japanese VA Osamu Saka
English VA Keith Szarabajka
Appearances Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga: Pied Piper
Xenosaga I & II

Dmitri Yuriev (ディミトリ・ユーリエフ) is a major antagonist in the Xenosaga series and one of the primary antagonists of Episode III. He is the creator of the U.R.T.V.s, the leader of the Salvator Faction, and the founder of the Yuriev Institute.

Appearance and personality[edit]

While alive, Yuriev is an older man with blond hair and glasses. He wears an all black uniform with a red decorations on it, white dress pants and boots. After taking over Gaignun's body, he takes on the latter's traits, albeit with blond hair and wears the same outfit when he was alive.

Yuriev is a scheming individual, doing whatever it takes to accomplish his goals, not caring how many die in the process, even willing to hijack other bodies. After coming into contact into U-DO, he developed an extreme fear that he is willing to develop bioweapons, just to destroy it. After realizing that destroying U-DO is not possible, he instead develops a god complex and desires to surpass U-DO and conquer his own fears.

Story arc[edit]


According to Sellers and Yuriev himself, Dmitri Yuriev is one of the original designer children created to be used as test subjects in the early stage of U.M.N. organic transfer experiments. Yuriev is the only one who survived these experiments. During said transfer experiments, Yuriev also became the first human to make contact with U-DO and survive. This contact with this existence from a higher plane of existence implanted him with an unescapable and unnatural fear. This fear was the result of the potential end of the world he witnessed upon making contact. This fear is what drove him to eventually try to raise to the same level of existence as U-DO, no matter how many lives would be sacrificed for his ambitions. During his contact with U-DO, he also gained his ability to transfer his consciousness in another's body. This allowed him to survive for many years by possessing multiple vessels. It is unknown how old Yuriev is. Yuriev himself states that he has lived for "hundreds of years" but he does not give a specific number. Information given by Sellers seems to imply that he is around the same age as the U.M.N. due to his origins. Yuriev also says that he used to be held in the same facility as Abel.

After this experience, Yuriev became known as the original Salvator, being presumably the oldest designer children known to the general public. The Salvators being a political faction made up mostly of designer children who publicly fight for their own rights. In private however, the faction is mostly controlled by Yuriev and used as an arm to further his own goals.

Pied Piper[edit]

During the events of Xenosaga Pied Piper, Dmitri Yuriev holds influence over the Federation in its dealings with the Immigrant Fleet. He had met Erich Weber, also known as Voyager, who similar to him had contact with U-DO and foresaw the potential end of the world. Yuriev would provide narcotics to Voyager, who saw him as his sole companion and someone who understood his feelings. This enables Yuriev to exert influence over Voyager. This included through Yuriev's front organization, the Descendants of Nestorious.

Yuriev's role in things is eventually uncovered by Jan and his colleagues. As such Yuriev has his subordinates interfere with the investigation, having it called off and arresting Jan and his colleagues. Yuriev is seen with his assistant, Zora, also concerned about the activities of the Immigrant Fleet. Yuriev desires the Zohar, which the Immigrant Fleet possesses, for himself. When the Zohar is activated by the Immigrant Fleet, Yuriev can feel it. He becomes distressed upon realizing that Voyager is calling out for U-DO and withdraws support for him.

At the end of the game, Yuriev influences the Federation to impose a military sanction on the Immigrant Fleet, further straining the relationship between the entities. He leaves the political stage to found an institution researching U-DO.

Lead up to the Miltian Conflict[edit]

Yuriev founds the Yuriev Institute. He is the creator of the U.R.T.V.s and acted as their male genetic donor. Years before the events of the game, he helped provide treatment to Sakura Mizrahi, using the U.R.T.V. variants to interact with her within her subconscious domain. He was eventually shot and killed by Nigredo.

Episode II[edit]

In the present day it is revealed that Yuriev has been able to revive himself by awakening his consciousness within Gaignun. When doing so his hair changes back to his original color. The first time this occurs he reaches out to his subordinates about the current situation. He attacks and takes over the Federation Parliament, revealing himself to Pellegri after killing an Ormus hidden agent. He later reveals himself to Junior by contacting him on the Durandal. Junior is shocked and angry to realize that he has returned. Yuriev tells Junior to eliminate Albedo as he has attempted to re-contact U-DO. Shortly afterwards, Gaignun is able to retake control of his body.

Episode III[edit]

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Future Redeemed[edit]

Dimitri Yuriev (spelled with an extra 'i', matching his original Japanese spelling) was mentioned at the end of Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed in the radio broadcast on the Ark. Here, he is a councilperson of the Minos Authority issuing a statement on the issue of the "Saviorite" Human Rights Protection bill. It is unknown whether this is supposed to be canon or just an Easter Egg.


  • Dmitri is the genetic father of all URTV variants.
  • Dmitri's original body was disposed of after his death.
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Episode III

Dmitri Yuriev

Dmitri Yuriev Database Thumbnail XS3.png

Observer of the Zohar and U-DO.

Former Galaxy Federation Parliament Member and donor of the genes used in URTVs like Jr. and Gaignun. Quite influential during his time in parliament, he retains many connections within the federation to this day.

Though said to have died prior to the Miltian Conflict, he stepped back onto the public stage at the time of the Ormus-caused space-time anomaly in Miltian space. An ambitious man, and a schemer.

He operates a private research facility, the Yuriev Institute. After his awakening, he takes control of the Salvator faction in parliament as well as military forces and moves to secure the Zohar. A test subject in a living matter transportation experiment conducted in the earliest days of the U.M.N., he made contact with U-DO during the experiment and was contaminated. Additionally, he was the Galaxy Federation's first Salvator.

The terror he felt at the time resulted in trauma which later motivated him to assemble the URTVs in the hope of obliterating U-DO entirely. Using the special powers he developed as a result of his contact with U-DO, he projected his consciousness into the body of URTV survivor Gaignun Kukai and gripped the reins of the Zohar Project.

As a boss[edit]


  • Yuriev's name may have been influenced by the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, which was the first human to go into space.
    • Yuriev describe himself as a U.M.N. space pilot multiple times and is stated to be the first one to come back alive from the transfer experiments


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