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Across the Kosmos ~ Xenosaga Piano Collection

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Across the Kosmos ~ Xenosaga Piano Collection is an album consisting of piano arrangements of the music of Xenosaga Episode I, performed by Benyamin Nuss and arranged by Mariam Abounnasr, Akio Noguchi, Benyamin Nuss, and Kiyoshi Arai. The album is produced by Wayô Records and was announced on the 11th of March, 2024.

Kickstarter campaign[edit]

The album is funded by a Kickstarter campaign, launched on 13 March, 2024, with funding closing on 12 April, 2024. It was launched with the following goals:

  • Main goal (€30,000): Release the album on digital, CD, and vinyl to backers. Highly-contributing backers also receive prints of illustrations, the piano score of the album and that of Across the Worlds ~ Chrono Cross Wayô Piano Collection, and a collector's music box which plays Kokoro depending upon amount contributed.
  • Stretch goal 1 (€50,000): Backers receive a Shikishi illustration and/or the Across the Worlds ~ Chrono Cross Wayô Piano Collection LP.
  • Stretch goal 2 (€65,000): Battle Suite (piano solo) added as a bonus track in the album.
  • Stretch goal 3 (€80,000): Jazz in Kosmos mini-album added to the digital and CD versions of the album.
  • Stretch goal 4 (€100,000): Album recorded with Dolby Atmos quality, and a concert of the album scheduled in France.

The kickstarter's main goal was reached within several hours of its launch, and its final stretch goal was reached on 9 April.

Track list[edit]

In the official track list, tracks with titles originally in non-Latin characters are listed as romaji versions of their Japanese names. Commonly-used (unofficial) translations are provided here in parentheses.

  1. Prologue
  2. Shion -Kako no Kioku- (Shion ~Memories of the Past~)
  3. Fuan (Anxiety)
  4. Life or Death
  5. Gnosis
  6. Kanashimi (Sorrow)
  7. Kokoro o Tozashita Shôjo (The Girl Who Closed Her Heart)
  8. Kookai Foundation
  9. Nephilim
  10. Nukumori (Warmth)
  11. World to be Born
  12. Albedo
  13. Kyomu no Hamabe (The Beach of Nothingness)
  14. Last Battle
  15. Pain
  16. Kokoro

Bonus tracks: